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Killer Instinct
features artists who use game hardware and software to formulate social commentary as well as in the fabrication of musical and filmic projects.
Cultural Framing of Computer/Video Games
Author: Kurt Squire
The Computer Game Moral Panic
Author: Sue Morris
What Computer games can teach you but your mother didn't want you to know
Author: Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen, PhD student IT-University Copenhagen
The Quest Problem in Computer Games
Author: Susana Tosca, IT University of Copenhagen
Playing a "Good" Game: A Philosophical Approach to Understanding the Morality of Games
Author: Ren Reynolds
Boys and girls stay in to play: Creating computer entertainment for children
Author: James Stewart, UEDIN
How an Educator Thinks About Computer Games?
Author: Kym Buchanan
Computer games 'can help children learn'
Author: Lucy Ward
A taste of adventure: The history of spices is the history of trade
The Economist Dec 17th 1998.
Social Impact Games
Entertaining Games with Non-Entertainment Goals (a.k.a. Serious Games)

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